The right sort of graphics combined with exceptional design can allow your van to really make a statement and attract business when out on the road, Ezy Signage can design, supply and fix vinyl cut lettering or digitally printed images and if you would like the graphic to go over your windows but still need to see out of them we have the ideal solution in a digitally printed perforated vinyl that is clear laminated for protection and then applied to the glass, once the signage is prepared and ready to apply simply bring your van into or workshop to be signed up to your satisfaction. ( please note: that we do not vinyl wrap any vehicles)

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Our Process

1. Assessment

An Ezy Signage representative will assess your vehicle in order to gain a better understanding of your specific needs. We will take photos of the van, as well as of any existing signage.

2. Artwork Design Layouts

The artwork for your signage is completed. We are able to put something together for you or we can use artwork that you have provided in a specified file format.

3. Presentation & Cost

You will be provided with a presentation of your final signage (imposed on the photos of your van that we took in step 1) and a quote for the works, which you will need to sign off before proceeding.

4. Installation

The final signage is manufactured and prepared to be applied. An Ezy Signage representative will complete the installation for you onsite at our Ringwood workshop.